I'm a wife and mom of two teenagers, and own a small horse farm.  I  have spent most of my life outdoors.  I had kids later in life and am in my early 50's, but I'm young at heart.  It's important to me to have my skin reflect how I feel, not how old I am.  I spend enough money on my kids and my horses, there is none left over for cosmetic enhancements.  I want to embrace aging and not look plastic or fake.  


How I got started...... I've always had sensitive skin. Growing up I couldn't use most of the popular skin and make up products, especially lip sticks. As I got older, I struggled with finding something that would address my skin concerns while not making my face irritated. I started formulating lotions and potions for myself.   I asked friends what they were using for their skin care. When I started researching the ingredients of these expensive creams, I'd find ingredients such as solvents and glues. Some with side effects like, "may cause lesions if exposed to sun"... what? No wonder my sensitive skin was getting irritated. My mother, who is in her 70's, told me about the vitamin c cream her dermatologist was recommending, for only $125 and oz.  I told her, I made a cream with vitamin c in it and hyaluronic acid. So I gave her some to try. That was over a year ago. She says her skin has changed so much and she gets compliments and never wants to go back to store bought. Over the past two years, I've researched and experimented on how to formulate my own lotions and potions. Researched ingredients like essential oils, and have created an amazing, natural line of skin care products. I started sharing them with my close circle of friends, to see what their experience was. They range in age and skin type, and all of them, beg for more, when they run out. So I thought, I might be on to something, so I'm officially launching my Bling Bliss Face & Body skin care line. Will be providing free samples, prior to orders. My goal is to help you age beautifully, naturally.

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