Fall City, WA

My work schedule is insane, and my daughter rides horses so time and money are in short supply. Even so, I wasted both on ‘exclusive’ skin products and treatments, unsure of the ingredients but always thought; ‘If that it’s expensive, it must be good stuff’., and, ‘Yeah, my skin feels a little tight… so it must be working…? (LOL)  I started using Kathy’s day and night formulas 2 years ago, and boy did I wise up! My skin drinks it in, and now feels healthy and moisturized deep down. The consistency of her day cream makes my make-up look better and every morning I can see that the night cream did its job. The softening effects of Kathy’s Soothing Citrus Body Butter lasts for days! I put these products to the test with many hours spent in dusty barns, and outside watching our kids ride and they pass with flying colors! It’s evident Kathy puts her heart and soul into researching the best ingredients, for purity and effectiveness. She’s got it down, and I am hooked!


I've known Kathy for over 20 years and she's always been interested in skin care.  When I found out she had finally started developing her own line, I knew I had to try it.   I live in Kalispel Montana.  It gets brutally cold in the winter and my skin gets so dry.  I love the Bling Bliss Body Butter.  It smells so good and is so soothing and moisturizing.  I'm also addicted to her Bye Bye Puffy Eye.  The skin under my eye area drinks it in and looks more hydrated and in turn, I look more rested!  Love her products!!!


I recently spent over $100 on some eye cream at Nordstroms that did absolutely nothing for my skin.  After using Kathy's Bye Bye Puffy Eye for one week, I was shocked to see changes to my skin, for the better.  Her products go a long way too and they don't break the bank.  I love that I know what's in them and why they work.  I'm sold!


I'm in my early 30's and have known Kathy for a couple years.... I also love the outdoors and ride horses and the elements really can wreak havoc on my skin.  I've noticed I'm starting to struggle with dry patches, so one day, when I was at Kathy's riding horses with her, she gave me some Am & Pm lotion just to try.  I texted her the next day astounded.  I laughed and felt like I was an infomercial, but the difference in my skin was amazing.  After a week, people started commenting on how good I looked and asking what I was doing.  My husband even noticed the difference in my skin.  I ended up buying some for my mom.  You really are never to young to start taking care of your skin!!


I love Kathy's products so much, I not only use them, I give them as gifts.  I'm addicted to the Bling Bliss Citrus Body Butter.  I also really love the Am and Pm creams.  


Carnation, WA

I love Bling Bliss products, I call it my Bling Bliss morning kiss.  After the first couple days of using the samples Kathy gave me, my husband said he noticed a difference in my skin.  I certainly felt it. Previously, I'd been using a skin care product that was priced almost triple to what Bling Bliss costs, and it was not impacting my skin in any significant way, and only after 2 days, my husband comments on how good my skin looks???  Sold!  I'm a Bling Bliss Believer"


Bellevue, WA

"I'm a busy grandmother of 2, and just turned 70.  My skin, of course is important to me.  I want my skin to represent how I feel, not how old I am.  I was struggling with dry patches and enlarged pores.  My dermatologist recommend a Vitamin C cream for $125.  I started using Bling Bliss Best Face Forward Cream and Rejuvenating PM Cream and they dry patches went away.  I will never go back to my old cream.  My skin loves Bling Bliss.  At the dermatologists office recently, one of the staff commented on how beautiful my skin was, and asked me what I used.  I told them, I use Bling Bliss Face & Body Products, and my skin thanks me every day!"


Los Angeles, Ca

I am a hair stylist working in Los Angeles. Earlier this year, I was visiting a friend in Seattle where I met Kathy, who introduced me to her facial creams. I was so impressed, when I ran out of the samples she sent home with me, I called my friend to see if I could get her to send me some more.  Kathy’s products keep my skin feeling super moisturized in the desert air and I’m now hearing from my clients that I’m glowing! And now, I find these products calm my skin during California allergy season. Thanks, Kathy!


Bellevue, WA

"My skin loves the Bling Bliss anti aging day cream. I first tested it on the dry skin on the back of my hand and was astounded by the difference it made after just two applications. It's light, nourishing and leaves my sensitive middle aged skin looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Mansfield, WA

I've recently started using Kathy's products and can't say enough about them.  Extremely affordable, great for the skin and her knowledge and personal attention has been priceless. I urge you to at least try her samples.  Email her with any questions and let her know what your interested in, and she'll help you figure out what might work best for your skin issues, as she's happy to work one on one with your personal issues.  She also has a pain cream that works wonders!  I'm glad I found Kathy.

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