The Dance of Skin Care

As most of my friends (and probably yours too) can attest, wading thru the skin care product market today is daunting.  And so much hype!  Let’s be honest, big money goes into advertising skin care products, and upon a closer look, I find few have any redeeming qualities when compared to their exorbitant price.  I can't tell you how many times I hear friends talk  about this new amazing lotion or special potion they‘re sold on. Then, being me, I’ll do some research and discover that oh-so amazing product is pure over-rated hype! One time, I had to break it to a friend that her new discovery has some of the same ingredients found in a bottle of Elmer’s glue. And through all of that research I discovered some pure and effective ingredients out there that do NOT have to cost $210 an ounce, which sometimes equals a 200% mark up! So, it became obvious to me that the crazy skin care prices are tied to pricey  marketing and advertising campaigns,  and are intended to give you, the consumer, a misguided perception of being ‘exclusive’, and therefore; better. Believe me, they’re not better, just more expensive, and in some cases, harmful. And this is what inspired me to develop something that actually is better; a pure and truly good for your skin product that won’t drain the savings account

Below is a link to research various popular skin care products popular today...

The Competition & the Facts

Research the competition

This is a great site to review the pros and cons of various skin care products.  Find out if what your using is "hot or not"

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