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January 01, 2020

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Bling Bliss Leather & Tack Cleaner & Conditioner...

January 01, 2020

Bling Bliss Leather & Tack Cleaner & Conditioner is formulated after my "Melt the Day Away" make up remover.   It's so gentle, you can use it as a hand lotion when your done cleaning your tack.  It not only cleans your leather, but conditions it too.  Bling Bliss Leather & Tack is also infused with essential oils that nourish skin and rejuvinate it's suppleness.  After all, leather is skin.  Plus the essential oils make it smell great.  

Best Face Forward Anti Aging Day Cream

Best Face Forward (AM) cream, is a light weight cream, that awakens your morning skin, as it promptly absorbs, to help you start your day "with your best face forward"  This cream is great for wearing under make up, or without, providing you with a hydrated inner radiance.  Bling Bliss AM provides moisture and nourishment for your skin, in addition to showering your skin with proven cosmeceuticals, which assist with the on going battle of protecting our skin against the ravages of time.

30 ml Airless Pump Bottle ~ $40

Limon' Rejuvenating Night Cream

November 01, 2018

Rejuvenating Night Cream, is just that, rejuvenating. Packed full of great natural essential oils, your face will say Ahhhhhhh when you put this cream on.  I put it on after my Best Face Forward cream, to seal in all its goodness, but I have very dry skin, so my face drinks it up.   You will enjoy ingredients that will roll back the effects of aging in skin thickness, microcirculation, radiance and firmness.  Cosmeceuticals l such as Argireline and Glad Back that will result is a younger and more radiant skin. , in addition to some other anti aging properties, this cream feels like a gift to your face.   Check out the ingredient list for more details.  The lemon and orange essential oil, for fragrance, is refreshing, without being overbearing, and brings some great skin benefits of their own...

30ml Jar  $40

Lip Saver Lip Guard with SPF

Keep your lips soft and supple, protected from the elements and protected from the sun with my Lip Saver Lip Guard.  Come in Clear or a natural pink blush

                                                                     ~15 ml Tube $5~

Bye Bye Wrinkled Eyes-Soothing Eye Wrinkle Serum

Experiences a new dimension of skin smoothing in just 28 days!  With Bye Bye Puffy Eye,  skin is smoother with a softer touch and improved overall young looking appearance.  Your skin around the eye area will appears plumper, and appears firmer with improved elasticity.  Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is visibly reduced

                           ~ 15ml  $42 ~

Keep a Stiff Upper Lip Line Eraser

Genetics, facial movements, unhealthy habits such as smoking, stress and environmental conditions play a major role in the rapidly development of lipstick lines, a type of perioral wrinkles whitch etch vertically from the upper lip to the nose. Nevertheless, effects due to chronological aging are the main cause of these fine lines.  Stiff Upper Lip Line Eraser addresses these issues.  One of the ingredients boasts after 4 weeks, respectively, of applying a cream containing 2% Seacode™, there will be a visible  decrease in these  lines.  See ingredient details to learn more.

15 ml pump ~ $42 ~

Soothing Luxurious Citrus Body Butter

Rejuvenating and creamy shea butter is the base for this decadent body butter.  With a luxurious texture and soothing citrus scent, you'll scoop up one hand full after another of this blissful butter an find places from head to toe that will be thrilled to be the recipient.  I love putting it on my feet at night, before bed.  My dry winter feet, don't greet me in the morning with dry chapped heals, and the slight citrus scent seems to bring only happy dreams as I drift off.....  I'm totally addicted!!  

~60 ml Jar $35 ~

Blurred Lines Make Up Primer

This stuff blows my mind.  After my skin has absorbed my Best Face Forward Cream and any other serums I have put on, before I put my foundation on, I smooth on a pea size amount of my Blurred Lines Make Up Primer.  Where has this stuff been, oh I know, no where until I created it.  Your make up will glide on, your lines will be diminished, your pores will all but disappear, and your face will feel supple and dewy.  Don't wear make?  Blurred Lines will make your skin look it's best ala'natural.  The MicroSilica Spheres will illuminate your face, giving you a ready to take on the day glow.     

                                                                        ~15ml Airless Pump $20 ~

Melt Away The Day Make Up Remover

Seriously, melts away the day.  And the ingredients are simple.....  Just non pore clogging oils.  Massage over your face and eyes at the end of the day, take a warm wash cloth and say goodbye to the day!  Your face is clean, not stripped, your pores are clear and ready to absorb your serums and Bling Bliss Rejuvinating PM cream.

                                                                               ~30ml Pump $20 ~

Pain Be Gone Lotion

Pain Be Gone Lotion is a moisture rich lotion, packed full of healing Essential Oils 


Essential Oils and what they do

Cinnamon Oil, powerful antioxidant, helps aid in pain reduction

Basil Oil, Reduces pain and assists in speeding up healing time

Lemon Grass, has an affinity with connective tissue and can be used at any stage of repair. It is anti-inflammatory and can assist with reducing swelling, and encourage collagen to reestablish itself. 

Palmarosa, is related to lemongrass and is a cellular stimulant. It supports both mandarin and lemongrass in their actions

Mandarin, is cytophylactic in its action and encourages cell growth. Mandarin has an affinity with myofascia and helps restore elasticity to spastic tissue

Lavendar Oil, reduces pain and healing time

Arnica, Anti Inflamitory, reduces pain, can prevent brusing

Helchrysum, improves circulations, potent anti-inflamitory

Rosemary, reduces itching and irritation and heals dry, itchy patches of skin caused by psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis

Frankensence, assists in immune support, anti inflamitory properties

Sweet Majorum, acts as a vulnerary by promoting the quick healing of wounds, both external and internal.  Reduces the pain associated with inflammation and overexertion of muscles

Turmeric, reduces pain and swelling, decrease inflamitory responses

Ginger Oil, decreases pain and inflamation


                              ~ 2oz Jar $45 ~

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